PIPEHLINE Soft Landing is a program that aims to temporarily house foreign technology companies in establishing and publicizing business in Brazil.

Facilitation and tropicalization of innovative products

If you have a startup around the world and are interested in testing and approaching the Brazilian ecosystem, we can help you with advice, consultancy, operation focused on the tropicalization process

We don't just translate your product, we do more

Pipehline Services has been working for some time now with several foreign players. We saw that the experience of simply translating digital communication from the country of origin to Portuguese-Brazil brings very limited results.

There’re some gaps in the understanding of both parties in the process. Understanding the pains of the local market and the correctly directing communication are essential for the success of the growth of your local business.

What we do:

Product tropicalization

As needed by national markets in Brazil

Growth Hacking

Creation of Growth Hacking and traffic strategy for local market tests

Adapted communication

Bring digital communication to the Brazilian language as well as its idiosyncrasy (understanding of the local language)


Monthly performance reports

Local taxes

Evaluation of local taxes

Money remittances

Evaluate models for sending money remittances abroad

Some Cases:







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